Sirenian, any of four large aquatic mammalian species, now living primarily in tropical waters where food plants grow.

This small group of mammals, which are described as the sea cows (Lat: Sirenia), includes  four species: the Amazonian manatee, the Caribbean manatee, the West African manatee and the dugong.  

Experts warn against the extinction of those marvelous species. In sea manatees have few enemies. Outside the sharks and killer whales the biggest enemy is actually people. The manatees in Florida love to be scratched and therefore even search contact with humans. They’re not shy and harmless. But this means that they often collide with the pleasure boats of surely one of the top attractions of Florida: snorkeling with the manatee. Many animals have deep scars caused by ship propellers. This is also the leading cause of death of one of our gentle giants of the oceans: the nearly extinct manatee.


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