On Monday 20th of March the world was heartbroken, the last male Northern White Rhino has die.

Sudan was 45 (elderly in rhino age) and he died after “age-related complications’’. The rhino had been part of an ambitious effort to save the subspecies from extinction. He was ambassador for his species. He leave behind only two females of its kind, neither of which are capable of breeding due to their own various health problems. One of a kind, this majestic, bodyguard-protected beast was beloved by many worldwide—and his death is a grim reminder of humanity’s threat to animals.

Despite the awareness of people about extinction of species is still coming to illegally killing animals, which are on the brink of extinction. We need to start to raise awareness and accept the fact that we are responsible for the extinction of species! According to the information available to us in the 21st century this should not have happened! We must learn to live in harmony, in harmony with nature and animals. We need to stop destroying our planet. Each species is important for the existence of another species!